Welcome to l' Essenza del Piacere , a sensorial journey that began in April 2015, when a young man who had just graduated in chemistry (Maurizio, the owner) at the age of 29, decided to turn his passion into reality. After completing a nose course, he immersed himself in perfume creation, passionately investing in the quality of raw materials.

Each bottle contains the dedication of a creative person who, on every trip around the world, finds inspiration for a new creation. It arises from a profound curiosity and constant attention to the new trends that characterize our time.

The Essence of Pleasure is not just about perfumes, but about olfactory stories that develop with chemical precision and a unique artistic touch. Our creations are an invitation to explore new sensations, to live unique experiences through smell.

We are grateful to share this adventure with you, where the young chemist transforms into a creator of olfactory emotions, always in search of perfection and innovation. Thank you for being part of our journey in creating the essences of pleasure.

The team,
Essence of Pleasure